26 February 2013

New here? Welcome to Oronovelo

Hi and Welcome to Oronovelo Blog!

My name is Crystal Oronos (-oh row nose) Arvelo (Arv eh low). Sorry a lot of people tend to confuse the pronunciation quite often. I began blogging in high school but became a serious blogger in 2010 when I moved to California with my husband. He served the United States Marine Corps for 5 years, (oorah) he'd like to say. I lived in Southern California for 2 years and I needed something to keep me from missing family and friends back in the East coast. I loved fashion blogs I decided to create my own blog and YouTube showcasing my own fashion styles. A couple of months later I turned my attention to D.I.Y and Home Decor something I was terribly good at. Not to mention my first child was born in San Diego which made living in California a trying time for me because I felt alone to this practically new world. I was a full time stay at home mother and my family and friends weren't around to enjoy him with me so for relief I blogged about my son as well.

Now living in the best part of Pennsylvania I continue my journey as a full time stay at home mommy, now with two boys and a husband who has finished his service to the corps and continues to support us with one steady income. 

I became so intrigued with online business I continued to research and study more about this niche. 

I decided to start applying what I have learned with very little to no money down. Quite frankly, it's hard to start a business when there is absolutely no money to invest. So, where do I begin? How can I reach my goals without money? How can I be just as successful with very little understanding about online business? How can I do what I love and make income from it?

One quote resonates with me,

"To be a leader you must learn to follow first."

So, I learned the ways of many onlinepreneurs and I'm trying to follow the ways of the onlinepreneurs but from their success I thought, we all come from many different backgrounds and different struggles I cannot possibly begin the way they started. Some entrepreneurs I follow had money to invest in their online business, some had business experience from there prior 9 to 5 jobs. Then there are those who are already knee deep into their online success it is sort of baffling how much information is being given when all you want to know is the first step. 

My step has to begin with very little money down. The approach is to do it yourself first before we can pay an outsource to do it for us. 

Click here to find out why I chose Blogger over Wordpress.

The experienced web designer may laugh at my web editing skills, and sloppy HTML and CSS codes but I've decided that in order to start from scratch with very little money down, my effort in learning everything to take me higher will do for now. 

Currently, please excuse the look and feel of the website as I am applying everything I learned onto my blog. Please bookmark this website so you may come back and see the progress I am making. My blog is a working progress but I promise it won't fall short of reaching goals successfully.

I'm not trying to get rich and certainly don't expect to make a living income from my blog but a mother of two with one take home income with absolutely nothing to lose, why not try and reach a successful goal?

Come join me and my journey while we start from scratch, I will post what information has worked for me and ideas that can help us get to where we want to be. Don't miss a post and subscribe by email.

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