05 June 2013

Latin cooking vs Filipino Cooking

Okay, so I wont go into context about the measurements and recipes I've used to cook. I'm not a professional chef but my taste buds know what to look for when it comes to taste I therefore eyeball my ingredients instead of following precise measurements. You can say I have an acquired skill when it comes to adding the right amount of flavor. Salt or my use of Adobo for this matter can either make or destroy meals but I have come to be really close to the two and we have an understanding on how much is needed for any meal. I can stop tooting my own horn now but I am fortunate enough to be able to provide a great meal for my family that leaves them happy and not wanting take out.

Arroz con Gandules with Baked Chicken and Potato Salad on the side is absolutely my go to comfort food. There is something about the taste of the cold vinegary potato salad that mellows out the warm perfect salt and garlic taste of the chicken. The rice alone was amazing I could eat a plate of this all on its own, so can my husband who loves my rice more than anyone else and has said this countless times. You can go ask him for a testimonial. Secretly this makes me uber happy, yes I said uber. I am sooo over doing my tooting of the horn. I think in my past life I truly was Hispanic of some sort, ask me to cook Filipino food and I'll go on Youtube for recipes or call my mother or sister for help. I have failed my Philippine heritage. 

You would assume with a huge family that cooks Filipino food every single day it would teach me a thing or two, you assumed wrong. No offence to my fellow Filipinos but sabao (soupy main dish) isn't really my thing. I always almost lean towards the Beef Steak or Menudo which is about the same taste as the Bistec Encebollado or Carne Guisada. I also really don't like steamed rice, it taste so plain but of course my husband on the other hand can eat that with anything. I swear he had to be Asian in his past life. 

All this talk about food is making me hungry. I should really try new recipes and move towards the unknown such as Mediterranean or Greek food. 

Since we moved to the East Coast I have cooked about 4 to 5 meals not including breakfast. Moving, settling in and being pregnant was all my mind was focused on. Now I actually have a few things sorted out  in the house and I can actually spend my time enjoying the aromas the food brings to my home. I can't wait to show you the before and after of the house but this post won't come till much later on because Pinterest is killing me right now with these D.I.Y'S and I plan to adjust my home according to the D.I.Y'S I plan to do. 

Till next time,
Crystal O. Arvelo

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