03 July 2013

Pregnancy Progression 20 to 23 Weeks Pictures

20 Weeks Pregnant
Pregnancy symptoms this week: 

Frequent headaches: It seems I can't ever get away from this, this causes me to be extremely miserable and become so lethargic I waste the whole day in bed. I feel so bad when I have these days because it prevents me from enjoying my toddler. 

Hip and Joint Pain: Also known as the pelvic girdle pain or round ligament pain. I lose color on my face when I walk or move around. It takes so much energy from me. This causes me to wobble like a penguin. Bummer!

21 Weeks Pregnant
Pregnancy symptoms this week: 

Frequent headaches: Yup and yet again I am showered with this ratchet symptom.

Hip and Joint Pain: This won't absolutely be changing anytime soon. I have another 3.5 months to go before I can actually walk the same way again.

Dry Chapped lips & Dry cracked feet: No joke here! Not even drinking ample amount of water can fix this problem nor the help of the most sticky potent lotion can help my cracked heel. I had this in my last pregnancy and yes as soon as I gave birth and my hormones were slowly reviving back to normal I got back my soft supple feet. LOL! I laugh so hard at this because no matter how many layers of lotion I put on my feet it will still manage to scratch the living crap out of my husbands legs during bedtime. HAHA!! I have no shame man, no shame at all. 
22 Weeks Pregnant
Pregnancy symptoms this week: 

Frequent headaches: None. Oh yes! I manage to run away from this one this week.  

Hip and Joint Pain: I am still crying from this. There is a lot of oh and ahh and help me babe in this department.

Dry lips and Cracked Feet: Peeling and bleeding lips, no help from any form of lip ointment. Just a lot of Vaseline will do, until it gets gunky. Oh and my feet, yes I'm still scraping hubby and nipping quilts. Bwahahaha! LOL!

Indigestion: My son in my belly who we have decided to call Julius or Julian has grown lots of hair since 16 weeks. Burping and a lot of heartburn. Oh excuse me, pardon me is all I ever say when I am in conversation with someone.

and by the way in the duration of this pregnancy, some of the old wives tales happen to be true for me, actually for both my pregnancy with boys. If you have a boy expect to turn into a grizzly bear. Oh my goodness, not kidding. You will become one hairy beast because of all that estrogen. I consider my razor my best friend. If you happen to grow hair on your stomach, leave it be it'll disappear when the baby is born.  OH Pregnancy!

I am heading to 23 weeks and I will be posting another update with my pregnancy in my 25th week. I hope you found this post entertaining. I know many will laugh at my pain. :p but I enjoy every bit of painful  and odd experience because I am growing life inside of me. Those are my super powers? What is yours?

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