27 August 2013

Making Time For Your Children

I took the weekend off of thinking to much about my blog. Recently all I have ever been obsessing about this month is my blog content, blog traffic, decisions on moving to a permanent domain, research, research and some more research. I'm trying to reach a goal and so lately I've been waking up each morning to make breakfast for my family and once my husband leaves for work I park myself on my kitchen chair and about 3 to 4 hours of reading contents on my laptop I forget that I have a toddler that's needing some play time with mommy.

I just started to use my daily planner again so I can keep track on what task should be done before I get lost in the internet for hours and needing to remind myself that my one year old won't be one forever. This is a horrible truth, but for the past few weeks I've been wondering at night where my time has gone and have come to realize that most of my time spent was on my website and can't even remember ever playing with my son that day not even a measly 10 minutes.

This will all change starting right now and I need to make an important note of this for the next time I write about tips on "Making Time for Your Children"

So this weekend I spent a relaxing day at the park with family and marveled at my son who was discovering nature. Running around throwing rocks everywhere and hitting ants with sticks hes found was an amazing sight to see. We even went hiking, something I thought I couldn't do given the fact I am 7 months pregnant looking as I might give birth tomorrow.

There should absolutely be no excuse for me when it comes to spending time with my children, after all I am a stay at home mother and I should take that advantage. Well time for me to wrap this up because my son has woken from his nap and this valuable time calls for some healthy snack and some awesome tickle time. 

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