30 April 2014

1Q app is a scam?

I've received messages asking for legitimacy. I know in today's society people believe that if something sounds to good to be true it is almost always to good to be true. Not this time! I'm all for apps that make me money such as ibotta, checkout51, receipthog so on and so fourth. I have not heard of any company that pays out more than 1Q does. When I saw a screenshot of how much people were receiving through 1Q, I was a bit skeptical. For every question you answer you are given $1.00 and for every referral $.50. Most company will payout after $5.00 to $10.00.

They'll ask you for your phone number and you will receive a link to download the app. Once you've downloaded the application to your smartphone. They'll ask you a series of questions like your income, your education, and nationality. My guess is the reason they ask these things are for demographics.

I signed up and I added my unique referral link on instagram then posted a screenshot of the app and a brief summary telling my friends about 1Q and before you know it I was paid $.50 then another, then another. My PayPal notified I was paid for the referrals. I'm still waiting for questions.

I'm not sure how long this referral system will last but my guess is probably not to long. I've already seen an email screenshot stating that the referral program will end soon. So if you haven't done so already sign up. My referral link is 1Q.com/wzoeY to download the app. Just a reminder, if you click through my link I will be paid $.50 for every referral. 

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