09 August 2013

Pregnancy Progression 23 to 27 Week Pictures

Week 23 Symptoms
Indigestion: The worst kind! I think my son will have a head full of hair because the pain in my chest is so intense. I try to avoid spicy food, although at times I can't help it spicy food taste great.

Headache: I still have these, as you can see I look super cruddy in my 23rd week. Headache and all I still manage to smile.

Pelvic Girdle Pain:  Super painful to get up out of bed or roll over from side to side. I feel like my damn hips are going to break.

Week 24-26 Symptoms
I was feeling super cruddy most of the time. I had all the same symptoms except it was 10 times worse. Back pain was probably the worst throughout the week. I was extremely busy with events such as mother's birthday, husband's birthday and entertaining guest. When the day was done I was in bed complaining about the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. Climbing up my stairs was a task that took me 20 minutes. We have a total of 16 steps, I know this cause I count them every morning with my son.

Week 27 Symptoms
My husband bought me a back support and must I say, it is amazing! I am currently in my 28th week now that I'm typing this. I feel great! No headaches, no indigestion no anything. Just feeling myself except the fact I still have the pubic bone pain. So moving about is still a very painful task 9 more weeks till I am full term and as for my son inside me he is as active as his little brother. He has kicked my ribs 4 times since the beginning of this paragraph. Ouch! 

See you guys in my 30th week that is if I am not lazy to do this blog. Pregnancy fatigue is pretty much in full swing again, now that I am in my third trimester. 

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