02 April 2014

Red Couch Decorating Ideas

Red couch decor
So I've been messing with Polyvore again, and I'm still trying to find ways to decorate my red couch. Plus, looking at my Pinterest analytics, my first red couch living room design is pretty much where most of my traffic comes from. I guess a lot of people have red couches. I on the other hand cannot wait to get a new simple couch sometime in the hopeful future. My taste in home decor seems to change often and I have had this red couch for almost 4 years now, not the one depicted in the picture. I want a new change, but for now I guess, I will continue to work my decor around my big red couch. Only problem is will the new couch fit my decor? Hmm? 

Not much storage space in this design and God knows how much I need storage space.

red couch with blue decor
I really like this theme, I designed it to look a bit patriotic. I don't like to overwhelm my living room with so much red that your eyes are fuming. Red can sometimes overwhelm me when there is so much of that color around the house. Matching to much is sorta tacky, mismatching is awesome when you know how to apply it.

red couch with turquoise I kinda' went berserk on the turquoise or perhaps it was just the right amount of turquoise considering that everything else is neutral. Modern eclectic, isn't really my go to decor but for some reason this really speaks to me; probably because I decorated it (eeps).
red couch with green home decor
I guess last but not least, green decor and a red couch. Personally, I don't favor green so much but what inspired me was a resort or a vacation place. In some hotels or beaches you can find a lot of these luxurious big couches surrounded by big tropical botanicals. Extremely relaxing, since red is such a busy color everything else needs to melo down. I like a lot of symmetry when I decorate, if you haven't noticed already. Symmetry is amazing isn't it? I hope you guys liked the ideas. I have to start tackling the master bedroom design next. If you like my decor ideas please share and link them back to my blog. Thanks a bunch.

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