17 September 2013

Red Couch Living Room Inspiration

I cannot wait till I give birth and finally have the energy to decorate my home. I have been extremely fatigued and the weight of my belly has put an ultimate strain on my back. I have compiled pictures of living room decor ideas that has items I currently own but found that a lot of the inspiration I have Googled doesn't interest me and my style. I am into the contemporary chic look or the modern chic and somehow I wanted to tie the two together. Here are some pictures I liked.

Here is what I have designed myself using Polyvore.

 photo redcouch_zps440b8ff6.png
There are things I still need to put into this decoration, but other than that this is the look I am somewhat aiming for. Waiting for my sons birth to commence so I can finally get into the swing of making our home feel more of a home. 

Hi Update!

If you are interested in seeing more decors I have designed using polyvore. Click here to see my Red Couch Decor Ideas or click on the big picture below to direct you to my new post.

red couch with green home decor

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