05 December 2013

It's been sometime

It's been a few months, about two months since I've last blogged and boy do I have a story to tell. Since giving birth a month ago I have been busy getting my kiddies into a routine. Especially with a newborn I have to utilize my time wisely and efficiently. My toddler who is quite active is always wanting to kiss and hug my newborn. I'm always on my toes making sure he is gentle with Julian. I have been constantly busy not to mention slowly healing because of a bad c section experience (that story to come) but I've missed blogging very much. I forgot how good it feels to just sit down and write. It gives me some comfort during a very busy time for me. Anyways cutting this rather short because when the children are finally taking an afternoon nap, it is a perfect time for me to get some nap in to. You know with the newborn and all, waking up every two hours to feed is so very energizing. 

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